VP Counterparty Credit Analyst

New York, NY

Job Function:


The main accountabilities for the Credit Counterparty Risk Manager include but are not limited to certification of credit counterparty metrics, monitoring of credit limits, enhancement and data quality project management, contribution to Regulatory topics and projects, participation in local and global projects impacting MMG/XRP.


The CCR manager will be in charge of a team of 4 and will need to:

  • Manage all HR aspects for the team
  • Work with management to participate in the implementation of Corporate Strategy
  • Manage and deliver timely Regulatory requirements, Audit/Inspection recommendations related to CCR
  • Monitor daily reporting deliveries, ensure the quality of the daily production
  • Empower the team and work on a development plan
  • Enforce the team objectives and help them achieve them

 Credit metrics certification

  • Daily certification of counterparty credit metrics (CVaR) on market operations
  • With the team, in charge to implement new CCR metrics in AMER (counterparty stress tests, concentration risk, etc.)
  • Manage data quality issues, follow up on resolution with Business Lines and/or Information Technology and optimize/automate processes
  • Stand as a point of contact on all Credit Risk metrics for the Americas. Answer ad hoc requests on computation of counterparty risk metrics (e.g. PFE level explanations, explanation of Pre Deal Check simulation results, etc.)
  • Contribute to different regulatory projects (SR 11-7, SR 11-10, SR 13-18…) impacting the Counterparty Credit Risk to represent the department interests
  • Lead initiatives in the conception/realization/improvement of the Excel based tools using SQL and Python programming language
  • Report daily KPI (key performance indicators) to management
Credit limits monitoring
  • To ensure on a daily basis the credit overshoot monitoring
  • To censure relevant and methodical analysis of the overshoot by following the procedures and keep a full audit trail of any proof of declaration
  • To provide analysis of the overshoots on a timely manner
  • To ensure the daily scrubbing process and the production of the dedicated reports
  • To initiate and contribute change management with the Front Office and other departments  



  • Excellent verbal communications skills with the flexibility to communicate and build relationships with internal clients (Front Office, Risk, Back Office) across different cultures
  • Curiosity, self-motivation and passion    
  • Integrity and responsibility
  • High sense of teamwork: inspire and work well with others
  • Problem solving skills to get things done
  • Leadership
  • Ability to work in a challenging fast paced environment  
Technical Skills:
  • Team members need understanding in the following areas:
    • Good knowledge of financial products (Equities, Fixed Income, Commodities…)
    • Counterparty credit risk metrics
    • Market risk metrics
  • Strong organizational skills;
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office tools
  • SQL a must - Python a plus

Work Experience:

  • 7+ years of experience in traded products with prior experience in counterparty credit risk metrics
  • Bachelor/Masters in Finance, Statistics, Financial mathematics or Economics

Contact Details:

Dan Alzapiedi