Senior Auditor Consultant/ Entry-level Audit Consultant

New York, NY

Job Function:


% of time

  • 20% Performs financial, operational, and compliance audits in accordance with the annual internal audit plan;
  • 10% Conducts meetings/interviews/walkthroughs with Branch management and personnel to assess how controls are functioning in a specific area;
  • 10% Executes testing of specified area and identifies potential or reportable issues;
  • 10% Communicates findings to line management responsible for the area audited and the Department Head;
  • 10% Drafts audit findings/reports;
  • 10% Collects evidence or performs testing on corrective actions to ensure that remediation implemented is effective;
  • 10% Documents sample selected, fieldwork performed, test results, conclusion and findings in a clear and concise manner;
  • 10% Organizes supporting documents to support audit conclusion;
  • 10% Performs other duties (i.e. audit administration, special review, ongoing monitoring, etc) as assigned provided that the duties performed do not infringe on the auditor’s independence or objectivity.



As the Branch’s Audit Staff, the principle accountabilities are:

  1. To assist the department head in verifying that the Branch is in compliance with all applicable banking rules and related laws and regulations;
  2. To verify proper internal controls and risk management in the Branch;
  3. To verify the accuracy of the information being provided in regulatory reports and letters;
  4. To verify the effectiveness of the information security in the branch’s operations;
  5. To verify compliance with the Branch’s and departmental policy and procedures, the guidance from Head Office as well as the applicable U.S. rules and regulations;
  6. To maintain professional competence by attending seminars, participating in professional societies, and reading pertinent publications;
  7. To maintain confidentiality of the bank’s information.

Contact Details:

John Kiley

914-524-0301 ext 124