KYC Consultant

New York, New York

Job Function:

KYC Advisor

The incumbent will be a member of the KYC team and responsible for overseeing daily KYC related tasks including the below:

  • Complete KYC end to end reviews of high-risk customers across business lines (retail and wholesale) and provide KYC advisory for such businesses
  • Assess current-state of KYC controls to identify opportunities for improvements (additional guidance) and develop plan for execution  
  • Assis the KYC team in Legal and Compliance to implement U.S. policy and procedural enhancements, ensuring consistency and completeness across business divisions
    Identify regulatory KYC trends and developments that impact business areas, and advise staff as to how this may impact their current activities
    Lead governance and oversight on KYC related screening including PEP and adverse information screenings
    Provide input and be active part of KYC-related projects (e.g. KYC Lifecycle programs, global KYC systems, KYC utilities such as ‘SWIFT Registry’ and ‘’)
    Keep abreast of regulatory and audit related developments and establishes knowledge transfer across the function
    Participate in gathering, presenting and tracking action items related to internal audits and external regulatory examinations
  • Support the identification of new trends in money laundering and terrorist financing
    Evaluates and contributes an expert opinion on remediation plans in order to make them more robust and to address root causes




Preferred experience in reviewing and assessing methodologies for Customer Risk Rating (CRR) methodology in relation to country, industry, product and entity type risk, as well as customer risk classification model
Drive cross-functional working groups to streamline implementation of KYC policies across divisions


We are looking for candidates who have 4-8 years of KYC experience in retail and/or wholesale banking and strong knowledge of U.S. Banking regulations and BSA/AML compliance practice.
Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent; JD or MBA a plus. CAMS preferred, but not required
Ability to make, support and defend difficult and complex regulatory/compliance decisions in a fast-paced and high-pressured environment
Ability to think strategically and understand impacts of decisions prior to making or recommending Policy directive
Strong knowledge of applicable AML laws and regulations, including Bank Secrecy Act
Detail oriented and organized, as well as proactive in following upon pending deliverables
Excellent communication skills (verbal and written)
Significant experience in providing AML advice in connection with program modifications and enhancements
Experience in implementing KYC related change, e.g. KYC system migration, exposure to risk rating

Contact Details:

Shannon Coogan