Hedge Fund Credit Officer

New York, NY

Job Function:


The Hedge Fund Credit Analyst will support both the agency (prime and clearing) and principal (OTC derivatives and solutions) sides of the business in their daily activities with hedge funds.


The key purpose of the role is to enhance our hedge fund analysis in order to accommodate an increasing amount of business with hedge fund counterparties while safeguarding adequate protections  and upholding the Bank’s global and local risk appetites.


The analyst would be part of the US offices of a global hedge fund team responsible for covering global hedge fund, fund of fund, and central counterparty credit risk.


Key Responsibilities Include:


  • Assessment - Performing hedge fund due diligence on a portfolio of funds assigned to the analyst, including the review of relevant documentation, analyzing investment and operational risks, performing background checks, arranging and attending on-site due diligence meetings and drafting well-written, cogent, due diligence reports.  
  • Assist in opining on transactions and associated risks.
  • Mitigation - Enforcing procedures designed to mitigate against losses in the event that a hedge fund defaults including: assigning appropriate credit limits, assisting in negotiating terms of legal documents (eg ISDA ATEs), negotiating and opining on Independent Amounts.
  • Monitoring – Maintaining up to date risk information and the ongoing monitoring of hedge fund performance and credit worthiness. Managing credit exposures in accordance with defined risk appetite. Following up on credit limit and policy breaches.
  • Projects – work on ad hoc and periodic projects around methodologies and tools, including rating models and procedures applied by the team
  • Comply with all Risk and regulatory obligations where relevant
  • Responsibility to act within agreed risk limit (credit/market, delegations etc...)
  • Responsibility for ensuring that you are fully aware of and adhere to internal Policies that relate to you, your business or other businesses for which you have any level of responsibility.
  • Responsibility for reading, understanding and complying with the Company's Conduct and Standards and corresponding regulations. You will be notified of changes to policies in a timely manner through announcements and/or intranet updates.   
  • The analyst will have responsibility for the setting of credit limits and the approval of certain types of trades within delegated credit approval authority (depending upon experience).
  • In addition, the independent opinions of the analyst will be accounted for in a wide array of difficult, complex, hedge fund risk issues.


  • Preferably experience in hedge fund credit or investment risk
  • Experience reading and understanding detailed covenants and clauses in legal documentation such as ISDAs, GMRAs, term sheets, prospectuses etc
Educational Requirements:
  • Bachelor’s degree in applicable field

Contact Details:

Dan Alzapiedi