EVP; Chief Risk Officer

New York, NY

Brief Description:


The CRO is responsible for leading the Risk Management Group (“RMG”) in the management of all risk

As an EVP member of the leadership team, the CRO will participate in relevant management committees and provide subject matter expertise and advice to the General Manager (“GM” ), Senior Deputy General Manager ( SDGM” ) and other leaders, as appropriate.

Job Function:


  1. Lead the risk management professionals of RMG in the delivery of a holistic risk management framework. The CRO will set the risk management strategy and facilitate its implementation.
  2. Act as an expert advisor to the senior management of the Bank in matters related to risk management including providing appropriate review and challenge as the head of the 2nd line of defense. Ensure that the Branch clearly articulates its risk appetite and strategy and manages its businesses accordingly.
  3. Under direction of the CRO, RMG will independently identify, measure, monitor, and report the Branch's risks. Give transparency to the internal working of the Branch and external factors. Escalate any breach of limits or sound risk practice as appropriate, including to external parties if warranted.
  4. Chair the risk governance meetings ensuring that the meetings address timely issues that inform management of risks faced by the Branch and formulate actions to be taken; participate in other senior level meetings at the Branch; and represent NY Branch at the Americas level.
  5. Manage, together with other senior management, the Branch's relationships with stakeholders such as regulators, clients, auditors, Head Office, and other members of the bank group.
  6. Expand existing practices in Risk Management Group and the Branch by implementing risk frameworks reflecting standard industry practices. Seek efficiencies where possible, and upgrade risk capabilities.
  7. Deliver on important strategic initiatives with significant impacts on the Branch and the Bank’s U.S. Operations.
  8. Develop human capital within the teams through coaching and mentoring, and creating opportunities for team members. The CRO and teams will stay current with developments in risk management practices.
  9. Supply the Americas Group with various reports and information as deemed necessary on a regular basis and discuss the relevant issues with Senior Management of the NY Branch.
  • As a member of the Corporate Risk Management Division ("CRMD") of Home Office, provide guidance and advice to Home Office and relevant subsidiaries and affiliates in the U.S. to be compliant with U.S. laws and regulations, and satisfy the expectations of U.S. regulatory authorities. In this specific role, directly reporting to Senior Deputy General Manager.
  • Responsible for Post -Merger Integration (PMI) and ongoing monitoring with regard to Bank’s business expansion including acquisitions in the U.S.
  • Based on assignment by CRMD, cooperate with the subsidiaries run by Investor Services Business Division of Home Office, and provide advice on the standards required by U.S. regulatory authorities.
  • Provide advice with regard to EPS framework.
  • Provide advice with regard to business expansion of Home Office.
  • In the event any disagreement arises, report to CRMD immediately to promote decision making process (the head of CRMD is entitled to make a final decision on the important matters).
  • Responsible for risk management issues regarding changes in U.S. bank regulatory expectations and framework.

Contact Details:

Dan Alzapiedi