AVP; Corporate Credit Risk

New York, NY

Job Function:

  • The Manager will contribute to the team’s efficient and effective credit risk assessment, credit adjudication and portfolio/risk management.
  • The Manager will be responsible for preparing credit risk assessments and portfolio reporting.


Key Accountabilities:

  • The Manager is responsible for assisting Directors in the process of assessing, adjudicating and monitoring both individual credits and the US portfolio across all industries.
  • The Manager, in conjunction with team members, is responsible for identifying risk mitigation opportunities and developing/maintaining portfolio reports that support this function.



  • The incumbent requires knowledge of the lending policies, procedures and practices of The Bank and its US entities.
  • The incumbent must have an understanding of credit, credit risks arising in loan and traded products, and the structures and protections required for corporate/commercial credit, as well as the ability to contribute to internal credit assessments and portfolio strategy discussions.



  • 3 - 8 years of total experience
  • Formal Credit Training is a plus, not a requirement
  • Corporate Credit experience a Must
  • Leverage Finance or Loan Workout experience is a plus

Contact Details:

Kristjano Dardha