Credit Associate; Middle Market Leveraged Finance

New York, NY

Brief Description:

Our client; a global bank with a growing Middle Market Leveraged Finance team is looking for an experienced Analyst or Associate. Opportunity to join a dynamic team and get hands on and comprehensive experience in evaluating and financing transactions within the Middle Market Private Equity Sponsor LBO market, gaining expertise in a multitude of industries.

Job Function:

1) Conduct analysis and research into the performance of potential borrowers. Historical financial performance and evaluation of projections and their drivers.
2) Conduct industry research/ drivers and developments that may impact the borrowers’ future performance.
3) Assist in the write up of the credit application
4) Review credit agreement and facility terms.
5) Ensure that analysis is conducted in a timely manner to ensure approval on time
6) Coordinate the booking of the loans with the operations dept. and be in compliance with banks policies and procedures.


- 3+ years of lending experience, preferably to middle market companies.

- Ability to review credit agreements in order  to ensure that terms and conditions are in line with what was represented in the credit application.
- Experience with the spreading of financial results.

- Experience with projection modeling scenarios and repayment capacity analysis.
- Analytical skills that include the ability to write  concisely and  present view point on the credit, including risks,  mitigates and recommendations.
- Strong analytical/accounting skills.
-  BS/BA in finance or accounting, or its equivalent.
- Excellent communication and collaboration skills
- Willingness to work in a fast paced, dynamic team environmen

Contact Details:

Christopher Byrnes

914-524-0301 ext 106