Compliance Analyst

New York, NY

Job Function:

  • Work closely with a team of attorneys and compliance professionals to help ensure that the firm's business activities are conducted in strict accordance with regulatory requirements.
  • Prepare  regulatory filings,
  • Collaborate with compliance staff to support the firm's business units,
  • Design and review automated compliance monitoring reports,
  • Ensure adherence to compliance policies,
  • Work on long-term projects to maintain the firm's high standards of compliance with new and existing regulations.  


  • one to three years at an alternative asset manager, investment bank, broker-dealer, or compliance consultancy.   
  • Prior experience in paralegal work, accounting, financial operations, compliance, or investment management is preferred
  • Strong analytical abilities, drafting and verbal communication skills, and numeracy are essential for this role.
  • Successful candidates will possess organizational and project management acumen, a keen eye for detail, and a robust work ethic.

Contact Details:

Steven Cebel